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Formerly known as studyskilz our site has evolved with the emphasis on speed , simplicity and ease of use .We have a new name and a big idea that could impact upto 1 billion lives

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Our mission is to make hard work pay . Simply championing a strong work ethic blinds us to systemic flaws .Blinds us to the differences between us .A position which is both self serving and self aggrandising . If hard work is the cure then by implication laziness is the disease . Stressing work ethic and only work ethic creates a self sealing logic bubble that not only raises the risk of mental and physical health issues down the road but stops innovation .

To those who it say it can’t be done we say – it has been done clinical tests have been beaten . IQ tests score have risen the results of supervised spectrum disorder tests have been reversed . Of course you can redesign the tests but In a real world the workaround works . It’s the tests that are flawed not reality .

It is time for a new approach a grassroots revolution .An approach for the many not the few . We need to embraces active learning , flipped classrooms and a visual first approach championed by Einstein . Our potential is evident in our ability to play chess . Our future lies with perceptual learning modules and video based instruction . Youtube, Vimeo , Immersive VR, AR and the Khan academy .

To those who say we have been down this road before .We say look again and experience Vuja De for yourself . Sometimes the solutions to tricky problems can be hiding in plain sight . Sometime all we have to do is view something familiar but from an entirely new perspective . Rather then emphasise speed and perfection we are interested in time and connection . The ability to hold onto more information for longer multiplies connection . To learn a little more about our simple approach and it’s advantages follow the link below to our free course