Bio Hacking [60m]

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A gap between expectations and reality exists . Research  carried out on behalf of the 60 billion corporate training sector indicates within  1 hour,  half of detailed teaching and training is forgotten.  After 7 days only 10 percent remains.

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Originally created to address widespread Misuse, Abuse & Diversion of Prescription study drugs within elite higher education institutions  and amongst knowledge workers. We offer a no questions asked  guarantee . To anyone who does not bump up a grade or pass an industry exam   .  This offer is extended to anyone who  exists anywhere on the  adhd or  dyslexia  spectrum . [ 40% comorbidity ] .


The comparable price for a years supply of the wakefulness drugs Modifinal ,Adderall and Ritalin cost/ £640-£2,560 per year . While we do not claim to be a complete substitute we offer a viable  and complimentary set of practices . A long term  alternative to 24/7  medication . A set of practices that will last a lifetime. A set of skills that will only improve with time

This bundle consists of our Mentoring Course , Online Profiling Service [ plus appendix materials ] and WORKING MEMORY TRAINING EXERCISES [ suitable for all ages ].Please note – known conflict with free zonealarm firewall .

Duration : 60 minutes
Course level : intermediate
Delivery method : Online
Quantity: 1
Course Cost : RRP $ 99.00

  • Citations – R Ackoff , I Aleksander , T Buzan , J O Connor & John Seymour , J Gribben , Linda Kregar Silverman PHD , Robert Spence , W Wenger , Thomas G West In The Minds Eye Thinking Like Einstein

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: Visual Thinkers Operating Manual  . Boost working memory capacity  . Use our  Profiling tool to compare yourself to Einstein . Access interactive exercises to expand the hippocampus. Amplify and Accelerate . Master  the 3 disciplines  . Reading , Communication and Presentation secrets  .