The end of course quiz represents the end of this story . You now have a chance to test yourself and your assumptions about yourself in a real world context .

In the next course , we move from theory to practical application and training .

No two fingerprints are exactly alike . We are not prescriptive in our training .Within computer games you learn through trail and error by seeing and doing, if you fail you start over . The prize to be able to connect To access that part of the brain that enables you to see the world as an ivy league student does . Albeit in selective situations using a different set of tools .

Everyone is subtly different for me and my journey I needed to establish strong spatial relationships . I needed hours of visualisation training inside the digit span construct to be able to manipluate objects inside the minds eye and stop those objects from moving around of their own accord .

For Tesla and Einstein it was effortless , automatic , all they needed was a gentle nudge in the right direction .

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