Each skill in this course will be linked to a visual base image in accordance with Pestalozzi’s principles. Articles without imagery constitute knowledge not skills requiring understanding not memorisation.

Improve working memory and you can  expect a boost in productivity and performance at every level of education  and training across every subject

Given the widespread use of smart drugs in our top universities and on Wall street. You might wrongly assume that everyone would  be schooled in  basic memory techniques and yet this is not the case .

Maybe it is a lack of awareness  . Maybe it is pride . Maybe with everyone constrained by Millers law we are yet to reach a tipping point . Maybe you have to fail first.

The good news sometimes that puts you just where you need to be . In the right frame of mind, in the right place at the right time .

Maybe it is the misconception that we are talking about inflexible methods that require extensive preparation . Pestalozzi shows this is not the case .

Maybe Malcolm Gladwell in his book David and Goliath touched on the reason inadvertently .

Caroline Sacks Story – Rather than the predicament of the truly disadvantaged. .The story Gladwell tells recounts the plight of an anxious overachiever.  Always at the top of her class in her public high school outside Washington, D.C., Caroline Sacks (a pseudonym) had pursued an avid interest in science since childhood.

She chose to attend the IVY LEAGUE Brown rather than the University of Maryland because she wanted to go to a great university instead of merely a good one. She ended up abandoning her goal of a science degree.’She “had never not excelled” academically . But at Brown, her organic chemistry class gave her “just this feeling of overwhelming inadequacy.”

Sacks dropped science and switched to liberal arts. If she’d gone to Maryland would she have been spared the crisis of confidence. She might never have veered away from a field that she loved . A field that promised a much more lucrative future.

This story is human , it is understandable  . Caroline sacks had always crushed it . The solution had always been work a little harder .

For her things just made sense . She never had to learn to adapt. To think for herself . For her the system just worked . Until Brown !