For  mobile users the Digit Span will be administered by video ..  The Digit Span is a clinical psychometic test  used all over the world . The standard test for assessing working memory and part of the full WAIS IQ test comprises about 20% of the IQ assessment  .

This is the one test to rule them all . Your raw ability  to gabble by rote [ Einstein ]  . Assesses auditory memory and your abilty to focus  .Predicting grades even life outcomes with uncanny accuracy . The Average score is 14 . Score 19 or above on this test for a read across IQ that places you inside the top 1% of the population . Marginal improvements lead to outsized differences in outcomes . Scoring in the high teens on this test and not excelling can be  a red flag . A potential indicator of dyslexia, ADHD , mild Aspergers . 


The video was captured live using our proprietorial training software. Our perfect double 10 is captured in real time . This is not a result we think smart drugs can replicate but we are happy to extend the challenge .


FORWARD SPAN  : 5 minutes



REVERSE SPAN : 5 Minutes